Glee (Rosie)

Behavioural Hold


ID#: OS20211122
Estimated Age: 2 years
Sex: Spayed Female
Estimated Breed: Lab Retriever mix
Weight: 41 lbs
Good with dogs: Yes, but she resource guards when she is eating
Good with cats: Yes, loses interest and ignores them
Good with children: Gets too excited with small children
Special/Medical Needs: She is on medication for her anxiety
Estimated Energy Level: Medium to High
Current Location: Morinville, AB
Adoption fee: $650

Rosie is very smart and a total sweetheart! If you are looking for a dog that knows all the tricks, Rosie is your girl! She knows tricks like shake-a-paw, play dead, and everything in between.

Rosie loves her walks and will often let you know when she is ready for one by standing near her leash. She is a very good walker on her leash (alone or with the dogs), but will chase cars, so it is important to have her on a leash, and a firm hand.

Rosie gets along very well with our two dogs (English Pointer Mix, Red Heeler) and our cat. Most of the time she will just ignore the cat, but sometimes will playfully chase her, losing interest fast. Rosie can resource guard her food, so it is important to feed her separately from the dogs. She will bark at other dogs passing by the house but will stop when told to. She knows lots of commands! We have not yet had a chance to test her with children.

Health wise Rosie is very healthy, as far as we can tell. She is on medication for her anxiety. We have not seen her off this medication, so not sure what she is like off it.

All in all, Rosie is an amazing girl, and will make the family very happy. We can tell she will be loyal, and a great friend for a long time. She knows lots of tricks and commands, loves car rides, walks, cuddles, and was even great in the bath!

Adoption costs: $650.00