ID # RT20211031-35
Estimated Birth Date: March 16, 2021
Sex: Neutered Male
Estimated Breed: Border Collie
Weight: 38 lbs.
Good with dogs? Yes
Good with cats? Yes
Good with children? Yes, but older preferred (9+ & dog savvy)
Special/Medical Needs: Needs high calorie food, on Trazadone & needs detached housing.
Estimated Energy Level: Medium-High
Current Location: Chestermere, AB
Adoption Fee: $650

**Updated Bio as of June 13, 2023**

Hi there!

My name is Dash aka Dashy Doo, Dashy Baby, Dashy Doodie or Baby Dashy. I’m a great dog, and boy am I smart! I can sit, stay, lay down and have perfect recall! I’ve done my level 1 obedience training with Hyper Hounds and now I’m doing my intro to Scent Hurdle racing! I have the cutest awhooooo’s that will melt your heart and have you falling head over heels in love with me.

I’m very eager to please and very motivated with toys and retrieve them. I could do it all day! I’m great with other dogs and indifferent but will play great with the youngest dog in the home and we will run around and chase each other and play dug-o-war. I love the resident children, especially the 9-year-old girl. She will play in the backyard with me all day. I’m nervous around menboys but easy to work with on that with someone who is understanding and compassionate. I’ve developed a lot a of trust and seek out affection and play time with the men/boys in the household now.

I do try to herd my older foster dog in the home and with the wrong dog this could pose some challenges. Luckily the older dog gives me balanced corrections and the adults in the home can help me navigate it. I take verbal cues and direction amazingly well. I can herd the adults and children at times, but they are dog savvy and know that I need to be provided with calm confident energy to keep that behavior at bay / able to navigate through it safely.

I’m a fun fun dog! I’m very athletic and fun to train and my foster mom is thoroughly enjoying doing sport classes with me. I can shut down when I'm scared and get confused but it's very easy to move me through these moments. I travel AMAZINGLY in the vehicle and just lay there and sleep. I’m crate trained and know when you say “crate” where I need to go and will go in there with ease. I love my humans so much that I dislike staying in there because it means I can’t be right by their side. I will cry and bark (but not every time) but because of this I need a detached home.

I would be a great companion for someone who loves to run, I would be great just running alongside of them and keeping them company while they workout. I would also be a great companion for someone who wants to get more into dog sports and trying new things. My foster family is working hard on my confidence and it’s blossoming and is kind of a cool thing to see.
I’m really a great dog, just misunderstood, especially for those who haven’t been around herding dog breeds before. We are fun and so easy to train but have cute funny little quirks. I can’t wait to meet you and hope to find a home that values my quirks and sees them as something that is super cool about me.
Love Dash!

Dash is a young, neutered Border Collie, who's 19" tall at the shoulders and approximately 38 lbs. He loves his food, treats, and toys and has a healthy appetite which is good because due to his high metabolism and activity level, he is always on the leaner/thin side.

When Dash came to Canada from Texas November 2021, he was very under-socialized with feral-like behaviours. Add that to the typical Border Collie mannerisms and you have a dog who is quite shy and can be shut down at times.

Dash takes a long time open up to new people and new situations. He was in his foster home for 3-solid months before any trust was noticed. Once Dash learns to trust his humans, he is very playful, lovable, and affectionate. When comfortable with you, he will snuggle under the covers or hang out chilling on the couch or crawl all over you if you get down to his level.

Dash loves the company of other dogs; however, he will bond with the other dog to avoid humans so his new forever home will need to be diligent about often spending one-on-one time with Dash. Having a canine buddy around increases Dash’s confidence and helps with his separation anxiety, however, Dash has herding tendencies, so his canine companion(s) need to be patient with this behaviour.
Dash is looking for a home who is experienced with the Border Collie breed. An ideal home would be a quieter adult only home (or older teenagers) with a canine buddy, someone who has patience and is dog savvy or willing to attend classes.
Dash does bark when strangers come to the door and is vocal if left alone. He is crate trained and enjoys his time in his kennel, but he cannot be left in a kennel with any blankets or toys as he will occupy himself shredding everything.

Dash will sleep overnight in his crate if you insist but he much prefers to lay close to his humans either on the floor or a small corner of the bed. His current foster home has him kept in the bedroom with a baby gate during the night, which he prefers so he can keep an eye on everyone.
Dash does well with routine and structure; changes in his life upset him and he will panic or become neurotic and focused on something. He is a typical Border Collie who needs a job to be the happiest. Having things like raw bones, frozen Kongs and other mental stimuli around helps calm him as well as plenty of physical exercise.

Dash walks well on leash and watches for your physical and verbal commands nicely. If not given an outlet to burn off energy, both physical and mental, and appropriate toys and chews around for him, he will happily make up his own rules which also includes chewing on your prized possessions.

This boy is mostly house-trained but does have the occasional accident if his humans are not diligent about sticking to a routine. He has learned a few basic commands such as come, sit, down, kennel. He would do well with an owner who will work him through agility and give him a job.

Adoption costs: $650.00