Name: Beau
ID # RT20240227-1
Estimated Age: 1 year
Sex: Neutered Male
Estimated Breed: American Pit Bull Terrier Mix
Weight: 64 lbs.
Good with Dogs: Yes
Good with Cats: Maybe a dog savvy cat
Good with Children: He would be good with almost all children(He’s not really rambunctious or runs around-pretty chill)
Special/Medical Needs: ***bad chicken allergy! I have been feeding him a fish based food and beef liver treats only
Estimated Energy Level: Low/Medium
Current Location: BARC's Central, Airdrie, AB.

Like many rescue dogs, nobody really knows their story. We know some of this handsome boys.

Beau, was surviving the winter elements for most of January and part of February, until he was able to be captured by bylaw and brought into the local county Animal shelter.

I was told he was very scared and shut down and untrusting of humans at first, until he met good humans at the shelter. He started to trust his human caretakers there, but was scared of all the barking with the environment he was in.

He’s a local boy, and was found just west of Spruce Grove. I saw his shelter post on Facebook, contacted BARCs, did a meet and greet… and the rest, as they say is history!!

He was so happy to get out of there and start his new adventures with a complete stranger! We headed out into a severe blizzard and he went straight to my car door and jumped straight into the backseat. He is a great traveler by the way! He sits up and looks around for a little while and then lays down. Every trip is the same!!

At first, he didn’t know how to just be an inside dog in a loving home environment. He was a great boy, just cautious and unsure of everything! He soon loved the comfort of his new bed and blanket though! It took him about 3 weeks of watching his new dog siblings, before he figured out what toys and chews were all about-and that they were awesome! I should mention that he has not had a single accident in the house, or chewed or done anything to ruin anything. His favorite things to do is to snuggle, get pets, chew toys and play with his big Foster brother.

After two months, he is still a really fast eater, even though he’s regularly fed two meals a day. So he’s still using a slow feeder style bowl. And NO chicken, he is allergic! I feed all my dogs in separate areas, but I can take his food away or pet him while he’s eating, and he has no food aggression at all.

Did I mention that he likes to cuddle and get pets? And he’ll nudge your arm or hand if you stop and he’s not done getting attention lol. He also has a thing where he likes to sit up straight, almost like a human on the couch beside me and get head scratches and then the scratches feel so good, that he flops the opposite direction and then ends up falling asleep.

He is crate trained, but he’s earned my trust and has free range of the home while I’m gone. He has been left for up to 8 hours and no issues! He will need a yard with a 6 foot fence though, as I found out he can easily jump a 3 foot baby gate.

He wants to be somebody’s shadow, somebody’s cuddle buddy and just love and be loved. He is a pretty low maintenance type a guy! But he’s up for any adventure! At the end of every walk, He goes to the passenger side of my vehicle, hoping that now we could go for a ride lol Today's

Outside, he does bark a few times when the neighbors dogs bark, but then stops and checks in. If they are barking and we are outside and he starts running to the fence, I just have to say no or call his name and he comes back to me, so he has excellent recall and wants to please!

He does well on leash. We see many cats and rabbits on our walks and he will stop and notice, then continue on. He has a funny trait when we are passing a home with a dog barking, he will usually stop, leave his ‘mark’ and we continue on. He does well when meeting other dogs. He is cautious and on the submissive side, but can be reactive to aggressive dogs. A few times we have encountered situations like this on our walks…I call his name and say no with a gentle tug, and we are on our way.

He still barks and runs to the door at the sound of the doorbell, but calms down quickly when he knows they are friendly.

Overall , Beau is a certified good boy!! Not only is he lower energy, he is so smart and handsome! He is also soooo soft, and hardly sheds!! He’s the most gentle at taking treats and waits his turn. Btw, he’s very treat/food motivated.

Other than excellent recall, he has also learned sit, shake and lay down!

He has the most expressive face and ears and gets those cute forehead wrinkles that I always want to smoosh and smooch!!

He would make a perfect companion dog! He may do better with a sibling, as he enjoys playing and snuggling with them. He does like solitude at times, so may be ok on his own too!

This boy is a true gem!

Adoption costs: $650.00