Adoption in Progress


Name: Buffy
ID # RT20231021-1C
Estimated Date of Birth: October 4, 2023
Sex: Female (Her spay surgery will be covered by BARCs at one of BARCs’ veterinary partners)
Estimated Breed: Shepherd Mix
Weight: Unknown
Good with Dogs: Yes
Good with Cats: Yes
Good with Children: Yes
Special/Medical Needs:
Estimated Energy Level: Puppy Energy
Current Location: Calgary, AB.
Adoption fee: $725

Meet Buffy, the spirited foster dog with boundless energy and an adventurous spirit! At just 6 months old and weighing 45lbs, Buffy is already showing her potential to be a big, lovable companion.

This energetic pup thrives on outdoor activities, especially bike rides where she can let loose and run to her heart's content. Her love for running is unmatched, and it's the perfect way to tire her out after a day full of excitement.

Despite her high energy, Buffy is a gentle soul who gets along well with other animals and adores being around kids. However, her enthusiasm sometimes gets the best of her, leading to joyful jumps when she's excited.

When it's time to wind down, Buffy enjoys curling up for a nap with a slight breeze coming through the window to keep her cool. Although she's not a fan of crates, she tolerates short periods inside when necessary, typically for no more than 4 hours at a time.

Buffy is known for her endearing habit of howling, adding to her charm and making her even more lovable.

As Buffy continues to grow, her vet predicts she'll reach a weight of 75-80lbs at full maturity. Despite her size, she remains sweet-natured and loyal, sticking close to her human wherever they go.

With two feeding times a day and ongoing leash training, Buffy is on her way to becoming the perfect companion for someone who shares her love of the outdoors and adventure. If you're looking for a furry friend to join you on your outdoor escapades, Buffy might just be the perfect match for you.

Adoption costs: $725.00