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Name: Boogey
ID # A145829
Estimated Date of Birth: September 11, 2021
Sex: Neutered Male
Estimated Breed: American Bully and Labrador Mix
Weight: 73.3 lbs
Good with Dogs: Yes
Good with Cats: Unknown
Good with Children: Yes, older children
Special/Medical Needs: He is showing signs of separation anxiety.
Estimated Energy Level: Medium
Current Location: Calgary, AB.
Adoption fee: $650

Boogey is a fun and loving 2-year-old pup. He gets along famously with the resident dog and they can be found playing pretty much all day or stealing each other's toys or chews. Boogey will need a backyard to zoom around in and explore with a high fence. Boogey is a medium-energy pup that loves his walks. He is a bit of a puller but doesn't seem to be bothered by other dogs, squirrels, or rabbits during his walks. He is untested with cats. When he isn't playing he is resting preferably in your lap or looking for belly rubs.

He is a solid 70 lb short stack and considers your lap free game. He does need someone to be home most of the time and will do best in a home with a work-at-home schedule. He does well in very large kennels for short periods of time up to 4 hours, so running errands is not a problem. He does not do well in small kennels and will try to break out. We are working with his separation anxiety and have successfully left him free in the home for a few hours at a time. He will do best in a home with another dog to keep him company. Car rides can be a bit stressful and may resort to chewing so it is strongly recommended to travel in a crate until he is more confident.

He is house-trained. He loves to eat and enjoys his chews. He is good about sharing his food; however, can get mildly possessive of his chews with other dogs. He is very food-motivated, which makes for easy training. He has already learned "sit", "down", "shake" and "touch" and is currently working on "wait", "here" and "leave it".

Boogey is a very sweet dog and likes to nibble people and dogs when he is looking to play. We are working on polite greetings in the home. He is unsure of the fast movements and play of little children and he can get upset so will do best in a home with kids 10 years and older. He loves ripping apart stuffies so unapproved toys will need to be kept out of reach. Boogie is a huge snuggler and often looks for attention and doesn't like to be out of your sight.

Boogey does have a bit of stranger danger and will bark at noises and unfamiliar things or people but quickly becomes your friend with proper introductions. One of his favorite pastimes if allowed is staring out the window and alerting you when someone walks by so it would be best to have street views blocked.
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Adoption costs: $650.00