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Name: Navi
ID # A141450
Estimated Date of Birth: December 22, 2022
Sex: Spayed Female
Estimated Breed: German Shepherd Mix
Estimated Weight: 30 lbs.
Good with Dogs: Yes, would benefit from being in a home with another dog
Good with Cats: Unknown
Good with Children: Yes, but older children
Special/Medical Needs: I have seen a small amount of possessiveness over items like toys and food. Her foster is working on this with her.
Estimated Energy Level: Medium
Current Location: Calgary, AB
Adoption fee: $650

Navi is a delightful little dog. Likes dogs and tolerates humans. She’s quite shy still but in a more feral style way. She’s not a fan of being touched and will always try and get away if you reach out. But she likes to be close and will sit beside you. She’s great on leash and walks with the pack and I for 2-3hrs a day. I have seen a small amount of possessiveness over items like toys and food. We are working on that.

She will need a home ideally with other dogs she can follow and an experienced, patient human. I believe she will become affectionate eventually or will find her favourite person. She verbally listens to me in my yard by following my dogs who listen. She would be very difficult to catch without dogs around.

Navi is crate trained and potty trained (only have 2 accidents in the first couple days). I have not tested her with cats, but I can if her new people have one. She’s living with a calm 9 yr. old kid and is great. Just skirts around but will follow well once leashed. I would suggest older kids who are ok with her not loving touch and hugs ect.

I often pet her while I drive, and she is no longer flinching and trying to get away. So, I can see progress. She can bark a bit but it’s mostly to demand something or to play. I am discouraging it and she is easy to redirect. Navi is obsessed with treats and will come to her name for cookies, it makes it easy to lure her to where you want in the house. I toss a couple treats into her crate and she just runs in as I say, “Navi kennel”.

Navis absolute favourite thing (after her dog friends) is water. She lays in the river daily. Even though it’s starting to get cold. I assume she’s a swimmer! I don’t know yet as she’s always leashed.
All in all, I think Navi is a fun, interesting little dog. I assume she’s some kind of sighthound mix. With maybe some bully type in there. Hard to say. She’s a rare size and beautiful with her brindle. 🥰

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Adoption costs: $650.00