Name: Liberty 💖🗽
ID # A144467
Estimated Date of Birth: September 26, 2022
Sex: Spayed Female
Estimated Breed: Husky, Boxer, and Shepherd Mix
Weight: 55-60 lbs.
Good with Dogs: Selective - requires very slow introductions and would do best as an only dog or with a dog who is more submissive and non-reactive
Good with Cats: Unknown but unlikely due to her high prey drive
Good with Children: Yes. She is very drawn to children and has shown nothing but a gentle nature and love for them 💖
Special/Medical Needs: She is currently on lamb based food and does well on it. Her previous foster family thought she may have an allergy to chicken and fish. We’ve exposed her to pretty much everything and she seems ok with it all as long as any new foods are introduced slowly to her
Estimated Energy Level: Medium-High. She can be very calm and lazy around the house as long as she has daily walks and weekly off leash time to burn her excess energy off.
LOVES: toys, puzzles, treats, food, off leash play, playing in water, tug of war, wrestling, licking mats, chewies, lying on dog beds, couches and beds, chew toys (she’s still very mouthy and uses chew bone toys to self soothe), cuddles and LOTS of love and attention (she’s a kisser and she also has no problem dive bombing herself onto your lap belly-up if she feels you should be cuddling her instead of doing whatever else you are doing)
Current Location: Calgary, AB
Adoption fee: $650

Meet Lady Liberty!

This beautiful, super smart, sweet girl is absolutely PACKED with personality! 🤩 If you are looking for a best friend who is a real cuddle bug and loves spending time with her people more than anything…look no further. She is dog selective, but with very slow introductions has become besties with a couple of our dogs. She would be best suited to be an only dog or with other dogs who are more submissive and non-reactive. She is very playful and can be quite rough when she plays so needs supervision. She is the K-9 WWF Champ of the House 🏆 and loves to turn couches and beds into wrestling rings (but will listen if told not to). She is SO very loving with our dogs and toward ALL people!!! She especially loves children and has shown us nothing but love and a gentle nature with them anytime she’s been exposed to them.

We used to think she was a very serious dog all of the time. But as time has gone by and she’s gotten very comfortable, we are starting to see more of her fun-loving, softer, silly side.

We have been working very hard on her leash manners and she has made BIG strides in the last little while. She still has a high prey drive and sometimes wants to chase small animals on her walks. If you can catch her before she decides to lunge, she does well if made to sit and calm down before she starts walking again. She has become a very good walking companion but still prefers and needs weekly off leash time at private off leash parks to really let her excess energy out. This is her blissful time. We’ve also recently discovered she loves the water and happily plays around in it. We are still working on her recall but she will eventually come for treats.

Liberty is super smart and needs regular mental stimulation. She loves puzzles, toys, licking mats, tug of war, sticks and sniffing in nature. She is very treat and food motivated. So much so that when she came to us she’d gulp her food down within seconds. A puzzle bowl has helped slow and calm her down tremendously while eating and we will gladly send it along with her when she finds her forever home.

Adoption costs: $650.00