Foster Home Needed


ID#: A278712
Estimated Date of Birth: February 8, 2021
Sex: Neutered Male
Estimated Breed: American Pit Bull Terrier Mix
Weight: 40 lbs.
Good with dogs: Dog Selective, would be best as the only dog in the home
Good with cats: Unknown
Good with children: Yes, older children
Special/Medical Needs: N/A
Estimated Energy Level: Medium
Current Location: BARC's Central Airdrie Alberta
Adoption fee: $650

Current foster home has renamed him Dip. Dip Wheeler, Diplo, Dipstick (tail), The Diplomat, Dipster......this guy is as awkward as they come. He is the dog you see on TikTok videos where the owner throws the treat and the dog not only misses it by a mile, but somehow manages to trip and fall over the couch, get tangled in a blanket and kick your phone off the table. He has the most mis-timed kisses I've ever seen. Sleeps in the most awkward neck bending positions and, on smooth floors, he paddles those footies like baby Bambi on ice trying to gain traction. He is such a funny and adorable guy!

He can be very timid and needs to be left to engage at his own pace. If approached too excitedly, he shows obvious stress/cowering. He is most comfortable when he approaches a situation himself rather than being forced into it.

He does just fine in his kennel on a need basis and heads in there to chill out when he wants a break.
I think he was previously in a home. If not, he is very intelligent. He has the hang of asking to go out/come in, total understanding of sharing the bed (which we do), getting up and down the doggy stairs, and settling down when asked..... He was a big counter surfer; we have not had an incident after the first 2 days but it may show up as he still seeks food at every opportunity.

Smaller children give him anxiety. If they are loud and interested in him, it stresses him out. If they leave him alone, he is just fine chilling around them. He would be best in a home with older children. We have not had incidents as he is fully house-trained.

He is a chewer. He will be opportunistic and grab the nearest shoe, cord, piece of wood, chair leg, rug corner, whatever is in reach. Would be best to have his own array of toys for him to chew on and play with. He definitely NEEDS a dog bed to use throughout the day, and cannot lay on rough surfaces. He's generally a bit of a chill guy. I cover him overnight and he is visibly more comfortable tucked in. He is timid with car rides and having a collar/harness put on but does just fine on a leash. He is a wonderful dog and we look forward to finding his furever family.

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Adoption costs: $650.00