ID#: A280526
Estimated Age: 13 months
Sex: Spayed Female
Estimated Breed: APBTX
Good with dogs: Yes
Good with cats: Unknown
Good with children: No small children
Special/Medical Needs:
Estimated Energy Level: High
Current Location: BARC's Central Airdrie Alberta

Howdy Folks! Starfire is my name, and I am a brilliant, well-mannered ball of energy!

You can see the curiosity in my eyes. They shine bright with wonder for all around me. I love it when we are doing chores around the house, and you explain everything to me. This really helps me know what to expect when I encounter something new, like the blender. Speaking of the blender…guess what? It was loud, but it didn’t scare me. I’m really good with not reacting to the unexpected. At BARCs, there are no planes overhead. When I heard one at my new home, it didn’t scare me. I didn’t bark or whimper. I simply stood looking in wonder! How did that get up there? We also had a huge thunder and lightning storm, complete with hail last night. None of this phased me in the slightest, even when we were in the car!

I love car rides. When I’m in my crate, I will quietly and calmly look around as the world flies by. I also enjoy driving with music on quietly in the background so I can hear you sing! My new favourite band is Depechmode!

How am I with other animals? Well, with my foster we didn’t have a chance to meet any dogs. I saw one in the distance playing Frisbee and thought that looks to be a ton of fun. As we’ve walked on opposite sides of the street, I’ve watched other dogs walk by, but I haven’t ever barked or chased after them. Some bark at me, but I don’t bark back. I’m curious as we are walking when I see these fluffy-tailed little guys jumping around the trees. What did my foster call them? “Squirtle”, “quarrel”, something like this? But the ones that interest me the most are those big black, blue, and white ones that fly like airplanes! “Yumpies” or something? “Magcake” maybe? I will not dash after them, but it’s a good idea to hold onto my lead nice and tight so you can remind me to remain at your side.

Despite being big and strong, I’m actually quite easy to handle. On a walk, if we get to a new place, I’ll be very excited and want to sniff around at everything, but once I’ve gotten my bearings, I’m very happy to remain calmly at your side. In a short time with a foster, I spent a fair bit of time on a lap. I really love that. Out in the yard yesterday, I dozed off for about an hour with my head in his lap and just loved it. Please keep a toy close at hand, though, so I have something to gnaw on. I’m very gentle on hands, in fact, eating out of my human companions’ hand is one of my favourite things! But a chew toy close will ensure I don’t get nippy.

I’m not sure where I spent the beginning of my life, but the folks at BARCs have treated me with such love and care. It’s made easing into another home quite simple. I already know many verbal and hand commands, like those for “sit”, “stay”, “Shake a paw” and “no”. I respond very well positive re-enforcement but will also never say no to a treat! I haven’t shown any interest in chewing on things that are not clearly given to me for that purpose, and I understand that inside, I can’t play the same way I do outside. A quick reminder to remain off of the furniture is all I need to reposition myself.

If need be, I am A-OK to be in a crate. Even after lots of play, I will do my best to stay awake to watch everything you do. I am very attentive to one I’ve bonded with. I’m sure with a little work, I could help around the house with simple chores like fetching your slippers and closing doors. There comes a time, though, when it’s nice to head into my crate to close my eyes. After a good day of fun, I tucked myself in around 9 pm and stayed in my crate until 6am for my morning walk. I’m very proud of myself: I did not have any accidents!

I am a great jumper, which is a consideration, if I’ll ever be left alone with no leash in a backyard, as a 4-foot chainlink fence might not be enough to contain me. I can also get a little jumpy with people. But, given my superior intellect, I’m certain I can be trained to never jump up on anyone.

What else do you need to know about me? I will kiss and cuddle you as long as you’ll let me. I’ve got big, huge muscles, but I’m very sweet and affectionate. I rarely bark and have shown myself very capable of controlling my bathroom breaks. I come when I’m called and now really need you to call home!

Love Starfire

Adoption costs: $650.00