ID#: A280459
Estimated Birth Date: August 18, 2022
Sex: Spayed Female
Estimated Breed: American Pit Bull Terrier Mix
Weight: 36 lbs.
Good with dogs: Yes, but with proper introductions as she is still a puppy and can be jumpy. She is getting better with jumping, but still needs work.
Good with cats: Unknown
Good with children: Unknown
Special/Medical Needs:
Estimated Energy Level: Medium to High
Current Location: Strathmore, AB
Adoption fee: $725

Do you want a puppy, but aren't keen on all the training that goes along with it? Well, Lizzy is your girl! Lizzy's an absolute sweetheart, who just wants to give you ALL her love. She's a spunky 9-month-old but is well on her way to mastering all of her basic commands...and then some. This little lady aims to please. She's come a long way already and she continues to impress me every single day. Here's a few things to highlight about her:
- 100% house trained - ZERO accidents in our home, and once she learned where to go potty, she started asking to go outside whenever she needs to go
- 100% Crate trained - for bedtime, rest time, or if she is being left alone. She happily goes in on command (with treat rewards of course) and will quietly hang out without fuss. No barking, whining, pawing at the door...just curls up and has a nap until it's time to come out and play/hang out again. She's being fostered in a townhouse, so this is a big deal! We also had fireworks one night, that she didn't react to. She was curious, but quickly lost interest and went to sleep.
- Super food motivated, so training her has been pretty easy! So far, she's learned to sit, lay down, go to her kennel (on command), leave it, and she almost has wait/stay and drop it (she's almost got these two down, she just needs a bit more practice to remember to do it the first time). Leash training is also going very well! Lizzy frequently checks in with her handler, seeking "good girl" status. And while she's still a little jumpy when meeting people, she's improving by the day.
- She LOVES people! And dogs. But she's very much an in-your-face kind of girl, as most puppies are, so proper intros and supervision would benefit both Lizzy and any new fur siblings or small human siblings. Especially while she continues to work on her jumping up. With patience and proper training, she could be good with cats, though she hasn't been tested to be sure. She's super curious and may not give them any personal space, so dog savvy cats would probably be best.
- Lizzy loves her squeak toys and chew toys and is very respectful of what is hers to chew, and what is not. She's easily corrected if she mistakes something for a toy and has been very good about leaving things alone that are not hers.
What else can you say about the perfect puppy? Oh, that's right...she also gives hugs. She wraps her paws around you and gives you the most adorable gentle squeeze. It's impossible not to snuggle her back, don't bother trying 😉 And did you see those ears!

Adoption costs: $725.00