Foster Home Needed


ID#: A140324
Estimated Age: 3 Years old
Sex: Neutered Male
Estimated Breed: St. Bernard mix
Weight: 112 lbs.
Good with dogs: No
Good with cats: No
Good with children: No
Special/Medical Needs: None
Estimated Energy Level: Medium
Current Location: BC
Adoption fee: $650

Personality traits: I am a very friendly, happy go lucky large love bug. I can be a bit of a goof ball.

Likes: I have not met a bum scratch; belly rub or good boy pat I didn’t love.

Sniffing is one of my favourite things to do.

I have a medium level of energy to burn, and it is very important that I get a good walk/jog or hike once or twice a day. Then I enjoy a nice nap afterwards. I do like consistency and routine schedules. All these things help me stay settled and be my very best.

I enjoy play dates with my fellow canines to wrestle and chase, they should be closer to my size. I am large, clumsy and a bit rough; I have stepped on smaller dogs that have gotten under my feet. I will need to be reminded to be more respectful when I get a little rough with my playmates.

I truly like to splash around in the creek. It is an awesome way to cool down and get a drink of water after a run.

Dislikes: I do not like to have any other dog get close to my food or treats; I get very protective of them. It is also best that I am not allowed to free feed because I really like food and have a hard time maintaining my weight.

I am not good around children and will react if startled or am unhappy about something.

I also think I would be best in an only dog household. I tend to guard the doggie door and bully my older canine pack.

Special needs and quirks: I have an allergy to chicken, duck and turkey. Basically, anything feathered. My skin goes bright pink/red, I scratch, chew and lick my paws and I get very itching stinky irritated ears.

I do need obedience training. I can be stubborn and obstinate, and I do have a strong will and strength to do what I want.

I am big and my head is at counter/table level so if any yummy smelling plate of food is left unattended, I will help myself.

For recall I hear and listen best to the dog whistle. I am a bit delayed in my return often due to my interest in sniffing. Good quality tasty treats are a great incentive though, mmm mmmm. (Be sure to check the ingredients for my food allergy.)

I am good with adults, but I listen best to male pack leaders with a firm strong energy because I keep trying to be the pack leader.

Some other things about me: I am fully house trained. I am crate trained. I do not know what I think of cats or chickens, although I am very interested in them. Even though I am a St. Bernard hound mix, I do not slobber very much.

I have a loud deep bark and if I am bored, I will bark at things outside of my large, fenced yard.

I have been to a groomer for a bath, hair dry, nail clip and ear cleaning. I quite enjoyed the pampering and the attention.

For exercise I have run beside a golf cart on leash. This worked quite well for me because sometimes I needed more than just a walk and my previous owner was not a jogger. With practice, riding beside a bike may be an option. Practice though because I may stop suddenly to sniff.

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