Name: Lexus
ID#: RT20230218 - 3
Estimated Age: Born sometime around mid-December - just over 3 months in mid March
Sex: Female (Her spay surgery will be covered by BARCs at one of BARCs’ veterinary partners)
Estimated Breed: Husky, Lab, Retriever Mix
Weight: Estimated 20 lbs.
Good with dogs: Yes, loves all of them - just needs to get out her husky introductions first
Good with cats: Unknown, but would definitely try to play
Good with children: Yes, she met some kids at an adoption event we had and she did great! She has been great with all kids she’s met but does not live with kids - she is still playfully nippy but getting better and gentler .
Special/Medical Needs: None
Estimated Energy Level: Medium with high level spurts of zoomies at least once a day
Current Location: Calgary, AB
Known History: She is from Manitoba along with her three siblings
Adoption fee $725

Lexa (Lexus) is the perfect combination of cute, smart and sassy.

Don’t let Lexa’s golden locks fool you - under that retriever face is a little husky who loves to announce herself and tell you what she thinks and feels. She is also a pup who retrieves toys, loves mouthing and loves everyone and every dog she’s ever met, just like a retriever.

Lexa has the best and biggest wiggles when she’s happy to see you (especially in the morning) and is so soft and adorable. Her little puppy dog eyes are irresistible. She loves being around all people and her Shiba Inu foster brother and sister and tries to play with them most of the time. If we didn’t already have two dogs and the desire to help more, we would keep this little treasure in a heartbeat. Lexa plays independently with toys (the squeakier the better) but often would rather play with her human and furry people. She adores the snow and has the best nose - she has found all the places in the yard the magpies hide things and can sniff out any treat. She can sit, lay down and we are working on stay. Her leash manners are improving and she often stops and sits for treats during most of her walk but also is so curious about the world she wants to explore it all right now!

Lexa is starting to learn to like her crate as she eats in it and chews sticks and treats in it. For the first time in the three weeks we’ve had her, with the crate door closed (while I was writing this) she only squeaked a bit then she fell asleep. She didn’t even immediately protest upon waking up - a huge crate training step forward.

Lexa would likely do best in a home with kids, or people who are home a lot, and one with another furry sibling or two where she could be a part of all the action. She loves being with you at all times although she’s starting to explore the back yard more on her own.

Lexa is doing well with house training and only has the occasional accident. She uses pee pads most nights unless I wake in time to take her out within a four hour or so window. She has been alone in the house for a few hours at a time with our resident dogs and has been good - mostly sleeping on all the cozy spots on blankets and dog beds and my chair and the couch. She has been on a couple car rides and travels like a dream - after a squeak or howl or two she almost immediately falls asleep. She hasn't destroyed anything in the house yet (although she might if we weren’t watching her so closely) but is getting taller by the day and more curious about everything. She figured out early on that the spring things behind doors are super fun friends to play with! (At least until they were removed - lol).

Lexa is VERY treat motivated and is learning very quickly. She almost always responds to her name, knows “off” when she jumps up when she shouldn’t and we are trying to teach her to “leave it” when she mouths something she shouldn’t.

Lexa’s sleeping positions are so funny and adorable - she sleeps on her back, upside down and sideways a lot with her lanky legs sticking all over the place and her head buried in the blanket.

Adoption costs: $725.00