ID#: A137860
Estimated Birth Date: December 19, 2021
Sex: Neutered Male
Estimated Breed: Wirehaired Pointer Mix
Weight: 70 lbs.
Good with dogs?: Yes with proper introductions. Would be ideal with a non-dominant dog or a tolerant dog.
Good with cats?: Not tested but not likely.
Good with children?: Has done well with the current 9 year old in the foster home but with his size and excitement he can bump into or jump when excited.
Special/Medical Needs: None
Estimated Energy Level: Higher energy until he settles into a routine then medium energy level.
Current Location: Airdrie, AB
Adoption Fee: $650

Hamburger got scooped out of the Airdrie facility into a foster home and he had very little manners when we first arrived in his foster home. However, within 2 weeks he has made so much progress and has been doing so well!
A few things that he is currently working on:
- loose leash walking, he is making good progress but will need to be worked on regularly. The first few minutes of walks he pulls but with corrections and guidance he does reduce pulling a lot.
- manners were something that were never taught to him so he’s learning all about proper house and social manners. He’ll need consistent boundaries set and applied and would thrive with regular basic training.
- since he is still learning about rules, boundaries, and manners he does try to push them (many times unintentionally), he will need continued guidance on how to be a respectful doggy family member but does show quick improvements and is very food motivated!
- he’s a big boy that sometimes forgets he’s a big boy! He can jump up a bit when he’s happy and excited but with basic training this has already shown to decrease significantly.
- he can display dominant body language such as mounting, and head raises but does redirect well and this reduced a lot after a week into his foster home and has shown little signs of this in the second week.
- his housetraining has been very good in his current foster home. There have been a few minor accidents but with frequent potty breaks and praise along the way he has been very successful.
Now let’s get to the amazing parts!
- have you SEEN his pictures?!? He’s adorable, his scruffy face is very photogenic, he’s the most friendly and goofy boy you’ll ever meet!
- he’s a younger boy with typical youthful energy but isn’t necessarily high energy, he seems to adapt well to the household.
- he is very food motivated which has proven to be very helpful with his training that he is working on!
- he has been learning manners and basic obedience over the last few weeks and has shown to catch on to these new manners and skills well, with continued work on this he will do amazing!
- he has gotten along great with all dogs he has met so far in foster care, sometimes his body language needs minor corrections which he has shown very quick responses to.
- very very friendly, hasn’t met a human he doesn’t want to befriend!
This handsome boy would be ideal in a home with lots of toys (he loves chew toys and hasn’t chewed inappropriately with his basket full of toys!), a family who enjoys regular walks or adventures outdoors and would likely love a doggy pal to wrestle and play with.
This goofy guy is hilarious, has an amazing personality and is SO friendly!