ID# RT20230101-3D
Estimate birth date: December 28, 2022
Sex: Female (Her spay surgery will be covered by BARCs at one of BARCs’ veterinary partners)
Estimated Breed: Rotti mix
Weight: Approximately 28 lbs.
Good with dogs - Yes - more submissive with other dogs and plays well on her own even with dogs around - does not nip at legs
Good with cats - Yes - lived with four before she was 14 weeks but they mostly ignored her and she did not bother them
Good with children - Yes - hasn’t met many and doesn’t live with them, but was gentle with the ones she has met. Tyas is quite strong and can jump (although doesn’t jump up a lot) or accidentally knock over small children so children over five years of age would likely be best
Energy Level - so far medium with a lot of low times and very few high times

Saved the Best for Last (actually they are all equally best) - meet Tyas - the last of Dina’s litter is looking for love and her forever home

We started fostering Tyas when she was 14 weeks old. Her prior foster family did an incredible job raising her, along with her six siblings, two of which her mom fostered after their birth mom passed, and her mom Dina from a reserve in Manitoba, where five of her siblings sadly perished. Of all Dina’s puppies, everyone who has met her can’t understand how this sweet, gentle, funny, cuddly, quiet, chill, and a-lot-of-fun pup, hasn’t been adopted yet.

She has only been with us a short time and we can confirm this girl:
• She isn't mouthy with hands or clothing or try to steal any and everything
• She is affectionate and gives lots of kisses and snuggles - will sleep on your pillow if you let her
• She is very quiet - rarely barks and only whines a bit when enclosed in a crate or play area and quiets quickly
• For a puppy she walks amazingly well on a leash and barely pulls - she is curious about all things so does frequently stop to smell (and taste) the roses. And mulch. And leaves. And grass. And sticks. Will sit for a treat during a walk to get her attention back.
• Sleeps quietly during the night with only one scheduled bathroom break about four hours after bedtime (which we will keep lengthening as she ages to teach her not to use pee pads as part of house training). She only had a couple accidents in the first few days since we began fostering her. She does not have pee pads in her x-pen area and has not had any accidents. She is well on her way to being house trained.
• She can sit, lay down, and come when called; starting to understand off and down but so far rarely jumps up on anything yet (including counters and couch)
• Is respectful of our senior resident dogs (and us) and doesn’t surprise anyone
• LOVES everyone she meets. Is a little more cautious meeting new dogs or in new situations with new sounds but is adjusting well.
• Calmly sits when waiting for the gate on her x-pen area to be opened after an initial jump or two of excitement
• Loves to chew (almost always chooses her bones and hard toys for that). She does not damage squeakers though and adores squeaky toys. Sometimes she falls asleep with a toy in her mouth.
• Loves playing with squeaky balls and brings them back about half the time
• Loves our agility ramp and started using it the day we got her
• Rides very well in a crate in the car - doesn’t make a peep
• Lets you cut her nails and exam her ears, eyes and paws without a fuss. Is okay in the bath and having her ears cleaned.
• Tyas prefers to be with her people but so far she’s displayed no real signs of separation anxiety - we haven’t made a big deal about coming or going when we leave or come home and she’s been great with staying calm - just some occasional whining in her x-pen area. She stays in her x-pen area for several hours per day when we are cooking, or working, or away, or just when we can’t watch her - she barely makes a fuss.
• Sleeps upside down often - all sprawled out. Will snuggle in beside you in the early morning if she’s not in a pen. A great little sleeper.
Based on her growth rate, Tyas will likely be a bit heavier than her mom (who is less than 65 pounds) and a compact, sturdy girl, with a heart of gold. She has a tail that rarely quits wagging with an adorable little swirl at the tip. She has one white toe and a patch of white fur on her chest, otherwise has all black fur with coarser hair on her back and soft fur on her sides. She has not started shedding yet at all and if she gets a Rottweiler coat, should have a reasonably easy to manage, minimal daily shredding, coat (they shed a lot twice a year in Spring and Fall).

Tyas is a true gem with a gentle and sweet soul. She cannot wait to find her forever home and she deserves the best. She would do well in almost any home - single, couple, family - with people who adore her and ensure she is loved, trained and socialized as recommended for her breed. She will be the most loyal and loving dog anyone could hope for.

Adoption costs: $725.00