ID # RT20230114-3
Estimated Age: 1.5 years
Sex: Neutered male
Estimated Breed: Hound Mix/100% stripy good boy
Weight: 70 lbs.
Good with dogs: Yes
Good with cats: Likely, he has met a cat and he sniffed them, got swiped at and then he refused to approach after that
Good with children: Yes, but older and calmer as he is timid around kids and unsure
Special/Medical Needs: None
Estimated Energy Level: Medium
Current Location: Calgary, AB
Adoption Fee: $650

Have you heard?! The wonderful thing about Tigger’s, is Tigger’s are wonderful things! My foster family says that I am no exception to this! You may think with a name like mine that I’ll be a wild and bouncy guy but that’s just not the case. I’m a pretty laid-back pooch, with just enough goofy pup energy to keep life interesting. I’m a bit timid/reserved on initially meeting new people but warm up and bond quickly. I actually have this extremely endearing quirk where I truly start to smile when I really like someone and want attention. I’m not the most confident dog but with a bit of time and patient I’m sure I’ll get there! There’s been a lot of debate about what breed of dog I might be, but my foster family always ends up just agreeing that I’m obviously a purebred stripy good boy.

I’ve been a wonderful guest so far and have had no accidents and have only chewed on appropriate dog toys. I think part of that may be that I’m no stranger to living the good life and have previously had a family of my own. Due to life circumstances my family was forced to move into a smaller home, but the neighbors complained of barking from our 4-dog family. This meant me and my buddy Stout were sadly surrendered to BARCS to find new families. It’s very obvious I know what it is to be a well-loved family member. I would love to be your sofa snuggle buddy, but for some reason my foster mom says most people don’t like a boy my size on their couch. I’m very easy to correct if you want to keep this rule, but you can’t blame a guy for trying, right?

I’ve been excellent with the two dogs in my foster home and spend much of my day mooning over my foster sister or laying by my foster mom’s feet. My foster brother is great fun but can occasionally get a bit too pushy for me when we play. Don’t worry though, I’m very reasonable and confident in providing him the occasional correction to improve his doggie etiquette. I’m never mean or unreasonable in my corrections and am by no means a dominant dog but due to the fact I will stand up for myself when I feel like I’m being bullied, I likely wouldn’t be ideally paired with an extremely dominant dog in my new home. I haven’t seen a cat yet, but my foster parents haven’t seen any prey drive in me so believe I’d be ok with one once it taught me the rules of play. I seem ok with the kids I’ve met on walks, so due to my gentle and quiet nature in the house I think I’d be ok with dog savvy kids if they’re willing to give me a little space to get settled into my new home first.

I’m pretty good about going into my crate, but sometimes want to make sure you’re actually serious before I head in. I’m generally very quiet but sometimes will whine/dig at the door for a couple minutes initially until I’m sure I can’t convince someone to come back to let me out. I will happily sleep for 8-10 hours overnight in my crate. My foster family has only heard me bark during play or when someone comes into the backyard that I didn’t expect. I walk fairly well on a leash and don’t seem to be people or dog reactive, but occasionally get a little carried away with an exciting new smell. I don’t know the finer points of doggie training like sit/lay down/stay/etc. but I’m very smart and want to please so I’m sure I can catch on quick once we make friends! My recall is decent and improving all the time as I gain confidence with my foster family.

Overall, I’m a little timid but a well-balanced guy who’d thrive in most households. I am a big boy and have a big bark on the odd occasion I chose to use it, so apartment living may not be the best fit for me. I’d love a yard to stretch my long legs, but I don’t think it’s a deal breaker if you just want to go on adventures together instead. My foster parents say I'm excellent in the car!
Between my striking good looks and sweet nature, I’m not sure why it’s been such a long wait for my forever family to find me, but I’m sure they’re coming as fast as they can. Looking forward to meeting you soon, Ta-ta for now!