ID # RT2022-2851
Age: Estimated 2-3 years old
Sex: spayed female
Estimated Breed: Lab mix
Weight: 58 lbs.
Good with dogs?: Yes
Good with cats?: Unknown. but possibly
Good with children?: No
Special/Medical Needs: Needs socialization, mild separation anxiety.
Energy Level: Medium-High
Current Location: Calgary, AB
Adoption fee $650

Hi, I’m Daisy-Doo, or Sweets as my foster parents tend to call me. I’m still warming up to life in a home but so far, I think I like it! I’m very shy and may take a few days to let you see the real me, so I need a very patient dog owner to help me continue to come out of my shell. Not much is known about me prior to being picked up by the nice people in Parkland County, but my foster parents think due to the scars on my face I likely have good reason not to be very trusting of new people. My ideal home would be a fairly low-key household that is willing to possibly foster to adopt me, as I will need some time before I’m willing to show you my sweet snuggly side. Once I connect with someone though I’m the epitome of Velcro dog! I struggle with meeting new people right now but as I gain more confidence, I think it’ll get easier. I’m very frightened of men in particular, but my foster dad is slowly working at winning me over with a lot of hot dogs and cheese. I think with a bit more time and patience I could even grow to like him, but I may always have some anxiety with men. I’ve met a few kids and they’re not really my thing, I don’t have a mean bone in my body, but their loud noises and erratic movements are very scary for me.

I am a fairly active dog now that I’ve come out of my shell and LOVE playing in the yard with my 2 foster siblings. I am very playful but submissive in nature, so I’ve been excellent so far with introductions to new dogs and love to zoomie around the yard and taunt them to chase me. I think I’d like to have a furry sibling, if possible, but it’s ok if you think you’d like to give me all of your love instead. After I finish my yard zoomies I love curling up on the sofa with my foster mom for belly rubs and am not shy about asking for more when I think she’s holding out!

I haven’t met a cat yet, but my foster mom thinks I may be ok with one due to my gentle nature. I’m very proud to report I’ve had no accidents in the house so far and have been very respectful of not chewing things that aren’t mine. Although if there are any unattended stuffies, socks, flip flops, or even recycling lying around I’ll quickly try to stash them away in my crate.

I initially showed some separation anxiety from my foster mom and would bark/whine for a few minutes when she left, but I’ve been greatly improving with this. I enjoy having the radio on for comfort when she’s away. A detached home would likely be best though in case I have some anxiety again when I move to my forever home. I love my crate, it’s my safe space, and other than when my person leaves I’m happy to be there. I will growl at my foster siblings if they come near my crate when I have food, but once I’m out of my safe zone or finished my snacks I haven’t shown any aggression. I’m not very confident on a leash yet, but I’m working on it, so a fenced yard is a must until I master this skill, but I don’t pull at all! I like having one of my confident foster siblings around on walks for emotional support when possible as I’m still very nervous of strange sounds and people.

Overall I’m an extremely sweet, scared little girl, but I’m learning and gaining confidence all the time! It takes me some time to connect with new people but if you’ve got patience and a lot of love to give, I’ll be your new best friend.

Adoption costs: $650.00