ID # RT20230210-1
Estimated Date of Birth: January 12, 2020
Sex: Spayed Female
Estimated Breed: Shepard mix
Weight: 34.2 lbs.
Good with dogs: Yes. She can be timid at first, but love to play
Good with cats: No, she wants to chase them.
Good with children: Unknown. She's good meeting children on walks, but can get territorial around the house with new guests.
Special/Medical Needs: She is a distemper survivor, and she has a permanent head-tilt from it. She is also blind in her left eye, possibly from the distemper as well.
Energy Level: Low- Medium
Current Location: Airdrie, AB
Adoption fee: $650

Lucy is such a sweetheart! Everyone who meets her has fallen in love so fast! She's really calm and gentle, not much of a cuddler but when she rests her head on your leg or arm, you feel blessed!

Some days she loves walks and is amazing on her leash. Other days she refuses to walk - it's too cold, noisy, she just wants to go inside, who knows. But she loves mini walks to the lamppost to smell all the dogs that have passed by! She loves snuffle mats & treat games to feed her. She gets a lot of stimulation from sniffing out her food. She is fully house trained. She sleeps through the night for 8 hours which is wonderful.

She loves her kennel. She'll wait nicely while I'm away, and sometimes will spend time in there even while I'm home, snuggled up on top of her blankets. She takes lots of naps!
She finally accepted my invitation onto the couch and fell asleep within minutes, she loves to be close to you. She follows me around the house and will lay down to snooze close to where you are.

She's great with car rides: IF she can't fall off the seat. Using a car seat or seat cover that prevents her from falling off while driving helps her relax big time!

She's learning how to play with toys, and her stuffed hedgehog has been her absolute favorite.

With kids, she can be super calm, and very gentle, letting them pet her and sniffing them. She hasn't met any kids inside the home yet, I think she would bark at them for a bit. If in a home with kids, she would need to be introduced slowly and likely watch them from her kennel for a while to see that they belong there. Guests in the home can be tricky as she gets protective of me (foster mom). She's much more comfortable with one stranger than multiple, and calmer around women.

I think having kids around would help her embrace her goofy side, though! Even though she's really timid and would take a while to open up. Calm children who know how to respect animals would be the best situation. Another not-hyper dog would likely help in the same way. To show her how to have fun but in a quiet and gentle way.

Because she has vision problems in her left eye, she can run into things and have trouble finding her food or toys - but she will rest the left side of her head in your hand and it's the sweetest thing.

She's such a sweet and very funny girl and I know she'll make her forever family super happy!

Adoption costs: $650.00