Age: 2 Year old
Sex: Female (Her spay surgery will be covered by BARCs at one of BARCs’ veterinary partners)
Estimated Breed: Rotti x
Weight: 62 lbs.
Good with dogs?: Good with dogs, no reactivity
Good with cats?: Good with cats after proper introductions.
Good with children?: Good with kids but very interested in younger children, I think she just wants to mother them like her puppies, so proper introductions and training for both parties will be necessary.
Energy Level: Low energy
Minimum adoption fee: $650

Updated bio for Dina
She is a pretty quiet dog, she barks occasionally at dogs and animals passing by the house but she quiets down quickly, she is just letting people know it’s her space and her people! She absolutely adores people and wants to say hi to every person she passes and is so excited to meet every new person that comes through the door. She is super loyal and follows her foster mom around the house and will nap quietly while she works, watches tv, or naps. She loves going for walks and is very good on leash. She only needs some minor fine tuning with mouthing her leash and getting a bit excited and wanting to play during walks. Dina is only 2 and is still a puppy herself so she loves to play fetch and run around the yard or play with her puppies. Once her recall is better, she will love to go for runs and play in the park. Dina would do well in a low to moderately active house as she really enjoys being outside even though she is fairly low energy and loves to chill and cuddle at home. I don’t have enough good things to say about Dina, she is pretty much the perfect dog and I think she would be a really good fit for a young couple or family who wants a really social, easy dog to spend time with.

Dina gave birth in the snow on the evening of December 28th. There was originally a litter of 10 but 4 froze to death. So now we have 6.

Update Jan 1, 2023 - Dina and puppies arrived in care. We were handed 4 females and 1 male puppies live and well but the sixth puppy appeared to be dead, Our fearless leader has managed to revive him and his progress is good but we are unsure whether he will make it yet but for now "too bad 2023, not today my friend, not today". We have named him Wyatt which means Little Warrior in old English.

Adoption costs: $650.00