Estimated Age: 7 Months
Sex: Male (BARCs will cover his neuter)
Estimated Breed: Husky Mix
Good with dogs? Yes, he would love another dog to play with
Good with cats? Yes, he spent some time with a cat while he was foster sat and they had a great time playing together
Good with children? Yes, but will need to work on boundaries
Special/Medical Needs:
Estimated Energy Level: Medium-High
Minimum Adoption Fee: $725
Current Location: Calgary, AB

I was found in Manitoba as a little pup without a mom, which is probably where I got my name; though I like to think it’s because of my good looks (Tom Cruise)! I had severe mange when BARC’s took me in, and after a few weeks at the facility they found me a foster family! No one really knew what breed of dog I was so my foster mom did a doggy dna test and found out that I am mostly Alaskan malamute!

I have lots of energy and am hoping to find a family that will take me on adventures! I love playing with cat, dogs, and kids!! I can say that I am now fully house trained! No accidents in the house. My foster mom and dad even taught me to ring a bell on the back door when I need to go outside! I like attention, but am not big on cuddles as I get very hot! But my foster mom likes it when I just lay on the floor beside her.

My foster mom made sure I had a big kennel, which is where I sleep when my family is not home, and at night. They have always made sure that the door stays open as it is my safe space, and when I feel tired or overwhelmed I like to go lay down in there. This is also where I eat most of my meals!

In addition to this, I know how to sit, shake a paw, and lay down. I am treat motivated, and I am a very quick learner! I also let my foster mom trim my nails with a nail grinder, they grow very fast! I am not much of a barker (unlike my foster brother), but when I want you to know something I am vocal, but it’s more like talking than barking. I do great on car rides! I also don't pull on the leash when I'm going for a walk, I have learned my leash manners.

I do have some fears which I am working on. I don’t really like vehicles, I was very scared of them living on the street. I do well when I am in them, but I like to stop and sit when a vehicle is passing me while on a walk. In addition, stairs without carpet and laminate floors also make me nervous. I am like a baby giraffe and have trouble staying on my feet, slipping and sliding some times. My foster mom got a big rug to put by the door which I lay on until my feet dry, but I will need some extra patience as sometimes I can be a bit whiney if my foster mom expects me to move right away!

My foster mom say’s I am the kindest, and sweetest pup ever and she can’t wait for me to find my forever family! If you think that’s you – make sure to fill out an application so I can meet you.

Adoption costs: $725.00