Adele (Golden Lab Puppy Female 2)

Available for Adoption


ID# OS20221017-13
Estimate age: 8-9 months
Sex: Spayed Female
Estimated Breed: Lab Mix
Estimated Weight: 43 lbs.
Good with dogs? Yes, she is fine with small dogs and big dogs
Good with cats? Unknown
Good with children? Unknown, but likely older. She has come across children when out but not been introduced, she watches with interest but doesn’t pull towards them or bark.
Special/Medical Needs: She does show signs of separation anxiety
Estimated Energy Level: Medium-High
Current Location: Calgary, AB
Minimum adoption fee: $725

Updated bio:
Adele is actually a wonderful dog with such a gentle demeanor.
She loves meeting people when out walking especially if they have a friendly dog with them. if you have a friendly dog plus dog polite children she will become your BFF !
She is crate trained, housetrained and has excellent recall.
Not forgetting that she is still under a year old and that puppy energy comes through now and again, she absolutely loves to around the yard with her foster sister but is also very loving and ‘ motherly’ to her other foster sibling who has just joined the pack at ten weeks old, sitting next to his crate while he decompressed and cleaning him after potty breaks.
Adele happily jumps into the car but at this given time is suffering from motion sickness, she could well grow out of this or there are inexpensive meds that are non drowsy to help her with this problem.
Basically this girl is pretty laid back and would be a wonderful family member/companion.

Let me introduce you to Adele:
This young girl is 9 months old so still quite pup like.
Adele is a well-rounded pup who really wants to please her people, when out on walks she will often look up at you seeking reassurance that she’s doing the right thing.
She loves to meet everyone she comes across on her walks and wants to meet their dogs even more!
Adele loves the snow and takes great pleasure rolling in it and throwing herself into snowbanks, she loves to be outdoors, so an active life is a necessity for this girl.
She is fully house trained and will sit by the back door to let you know that she needs to go out, sleeps all night in her crate and is good around the house unless she gets bored. She has come across ducks and geese on her outings and totally ignored them. We think she will probably like the water as well.
She has a beautiful medium length silky coat and loves to be brushed although after a while this sometimes turns playful, she is a big girl who hasn’t quite mastered the art of agility yet.
Adele gets on really well with her foster sister and there have been no issues sharing toys or at feed time, in fact she eats better when fed next to her ‘sister’. Adele is a strong girl who needs an assertive owner to continue with her training, her leash work is a work in progress but she’s getting there! Adele doesn’t bark a lot in the house, but will let you know someone is approaching your property.
She is a very loyal girl who would be a wonderful companion.

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Adoption costs: $725.00