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ID # RT20220614-1
Estimated Date of Birth: October 1, 2016
Sex: Neutered Male
Estimated Breed: Rottie mix
Weight: 125+ lbs.
Good with dogs? No
Good with cats? No
Good with children? Yes, older children as he isn't aware of his size at times and likes to sit on people's laps
Special/Medical Needs: Possible food allergy to chicken and grain
Estimated Energy Level: Medium - High
Adoption Fee: $375
Current Location: Calgary

Updated Bio:
Tank knows sit, shake (both paws), lay down and come. He is completely house trained and whines to let you know when he needs to go outside. He is accustomed to free-roam the house for 8-9hrs unsupervised with 0 issues. Never chewed on anything that wasn’t given to him, no excessive barking. Tank is crate trained but has great enough house manners that the crate is not used often. He sits patiently for nail trims and grooming. No issues whatsoever with aggression towards humans ever but he does get leery of strangers on walks late at night. Tank is dog reactive and especially sensitive to smaller dogs. He will require a home with an experienced owner. Single pet home. Tank would be happiest with a house that has a yard. He also loves, loves, LOVES stuffed animal toys. His yellow duck is his favourite toy. Tank knows the word “Duck” and will go pick him up and bring Duck to you if asked. Tug of war is one of his favourite games. For an older dog, Tank loves to play and can get very excited. Tank is fed twice a day, currently at 7AM and 6PM. We believe he is allergic to chicken and grain. He is currently on a pork and vegetable diet and shows signs of discomfort. Tank would do well with older children. The only concern with younger children is that he isn't always aware of his size and like to sit on people's laps. He is very gentle for a large dog and doesn't show signs of aggression, he is a very sweet guy!

Tank is a big boy full of love & loyalty. 8 years old but still full of energy! He needs someone strong to handle him (he is 125lb +), especially due to his reactivity. He pulls towards strangers on walks and can be dog reactive on a leash. I believe it is fear-driven reactivity that can be worked on with a confident owner/trainer. Tank is VERY food motivated. Watch out for that drool, though!! "Water-works" is a common nickname for him!!
He has not been tested around kids recently but past history tells us he has been around kids successfully. Tank is very big and forgets how powerful he is so he would do best around kids who will tolerate being sat on & butt-pushed around! He has a loud, almost scary “rottie-rumble” that he uses when playing but means no harm.
He does bark at strange noises and Amazon workers, but not always! Sometimes he is really into his couch nap that he doesn’t even notice us come home!
Tank has been on a grain-free diet and I suspect he is allergic to chicken as well. (hotspots, itching)

More about Tank;
*Digs on walks, but is leash reactive at times
*Sits perfectly for nail trims & brushings
*100% housetrained
*100% crate-trained
*LOVES plushie toys
*Spoiled with the bed & couch, especially loves car rides.
*No cats, no dogs, pet-free home only
*He will require someone patient to work with him on leash manners (puller)

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Adoption costs: $375.00