Age: 2 years
Sex: spayed female
Breed: lovely mix, maybe GSD and Rottie
Weight: 60 lbs.
Dogs: yes after a good introduction
Cats: yes after a good introduction
Kids: yes but I’m a bit pushy at times
Medical: none
Favourite Treat: Milkbone Dentabones, popcorn or cheese
Energy: medium to high
Location: Edmonton, AB
Adoption Fee: $650

Hi! I’m Amy. I’d love to meet you; I love to meet people and am super friendly. It not just a tail-wag, it’s a whole butt-wag! I’m sure we’d have lots of good times together!

🎾🦴🥏 I love to run and jump and play with any toy you give me. My favourite toy is a long rope to tug and chew, but let’s be honest, I just love toys in general - balls, stuffed animals to tear apart, or a good rubber bone to chew. I am up for lots of exercise and play but love a quiet night with you just as much.

🦮😴 My favourite thing to do on a weekend is a long early-morning walk, followed by breakfast (no lamb please it makes me itchy) and a snuggle on the sofa until I fall asleep. Naps are pretty great, aren’t they?
Truck rides are a lot of fun too, so I’m up for a ride if you are!

🌴🌞 I’m originally a California girl and love being outside when it’s warm and dry. I do tend to get a bit excited when I see new things I never saw before like bikes, scooter and joggers. Even other dogs surprise me and I’m just not sure how to react. I guess I was just sheltered for too long in my short life. I’m learning that things aren’t so scary though and I’m much calmer than I was almost a year ago. When I’m wearing my leash I forget my manners🤷🏻‍♀️. My leash skills are not that great so please be patient and help me learn to be calm.

❤️ When you meet me you will see just what a good girl I am and just how much I LOVE attention. Even though I’m a mid-size dog I like to climb right up into your lap for some scratches and hugs.

I’m very smart and I can’t wait to show off all the things I’ve learned since being out of a shelter.
✅ I sleep quietly in my crate all night (but would love to share your bed if you want me too😉)
✅ I learned to take treats gently and wait until they are offered
✅ I learned commands like sit, come, wait, leave it, lay down, and stay. I love to keep practicing these.
✅I know some tricks too like catching treats mid-air and shake a paw
✅ I go into my crate while my fosters eat dinner, and I stay there until my dinner is getting ready, just tell me “crate”
✅ I get along with big or small dogs and even cats. You only need to make sure I’m introduced nice and slow. I’m great with them off leash.
✅ I’m fully house trained and won’t make a mess
✅ I love to chew so please make sure I have lots of extra toys to keep me busy

I bet I just checked off all your boxes for a family pet, right? What are you waiting for then?!

Adoption costs: $650.00