Berry (Blac)



Estimated Age: 3 years old
Sex: Neutered Male
Estimated Breed: Retriever Mix
Weight: 48 lbs
Good with dogs? Yes, with proper introduction & supervision
Good with cats? Unknown, will likely chase
Good with children? Yes, but older preferred
Special/Medical Needs: None
Estimated Energy Level: High
Minimum Adoption Fee: $650
Current Location: BARCS Airdrie Facility

This handsome guy is very smart and eager to learn. He's social and gets along great with other well-behaved dogs.

He'd make a fine running partner. Although he could use a little more work on loose leash and some recall he has a strong start on these and already easily responds to other basic commands.

He would do best with a loving, calm, and experienced dog owner who knows how to keep him mentally stimulated and well exercised. Berry learns well by following other dogs and would thrive with other well-behaved dogs in the home, he'd also be great as an only child.

He's a lover and is looking to be loved right back! And how can you resist his adorable leg sprawl!

Berry is a beautiful retriever with silky black hair.

He has high energy and needs to learn boundaries; an experienced dog owner is recommended. Berry has shown improvement in foster care and has learned how to sit, touch and to lay down on command with treats as a reward.

When I first got him, I couldn’t get him to stop jumping up to get his food from my hands but now he will wait until I say its “ok”. He is a fast learner. He loves chasing anything that squeaks and is learning to drop the ball on command.

He has learned not to potty in the house and will hold it for up to 10-hours, and he is happy to be outside to do his thing if you can catch his ques to go outside. He prefers a gravel section of the yard to do his business. A fenced yard is necessary, and we do not recommend he be left outside unattended until he bonds to his humans.

Still working on his leash training and pulling but has shown improvement. An adult or a home with older children who can hold tightly to his leash would be best. He can use more training for recall and has puppy like mouthing behavior when he gets over stimulated.

Berry can be quite excitable when seeing other animals and people. We do not recommend her in a home with other animals until he learns boundaries and settles down in his new environment.

Berry can be overly excitable when people show up and he will need time and discipline to calm him down. He still needs work on chewing and grabbing everything, but I am able to redirect him easily. He is very playful.

Berry is not cat friendly and we do not recommend any small animals, including dogs be in his home.
Berry would be great at agility training. He is smart, fast, and eager to play. He loves squeaky toys so this can be used easily to redirect him. He is also food motivated which makes it easier to redirect him and to train him.

Berry will bark when he hears something and will need training to work on this. He is ok in a crate for shorter periods because he has so much energy to release. He will bark for a short time but will settle down.

There is so much potential for Berry to be an amazing dog. He would be a great hiking or running partner. He just needs a caring and patient person to work with him.

Adoption costs: $650.00