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Adoptions process

January 18th 2021
Hello everyone! With so many of our dogs up for adoption or having recently been adopted we thought it would be a good chance to re share how our adoption process works and provide some insight.

⭐️ Currently on average we get well over 100 adoption applications per dog. As much as we would love to give every applicant a dog, we simply can not.

⭐️ When an application comes in for a dog, we send the application to their foster parents. They know the dog best and they hand pick the adopter who they feel is the best match for that dog.

⭐️ When a dog arrives in our care they go directly into foster care for the first few weeks while we address health issues and uncover the personalities and temperaments of each dog. During this time fosters have first choice whether or not they wish to adopt their foster dog. (This is why on our website a dog in foster care shows up as ‘unavailable’ and then ‘adopted’ without ever becoming available; the foster family has adopted said dog).

⭐️ For your best chance at getting the dog you want, we highly suggest you foster first, seeing as you would have first choice in adopting. To become a foster you can find applications on our website!

⭐️ If you join our VIRTUAL Foster Facebook group we post some dogs available to foster there first before our general page to give our dedicated supporters a chance at getting a dog they want. Our VIRTUAL Foster Group is an exclusive group that provides extra content for our dogs in rehab, long term foster care, and long term medical care. With your monthly subscription, it allows you to view more photos, videos, progress reports, and medical reports on our dogs. This group was created to bring in specific and reliable revenue for BARC's that is designated for the dogs featured.

⭐️ Lastly we truly understand the frustration you feel by not being chosen to adopt a dog. Please be patient and keep trying, your forever dog is out there! With that being said if we had more financial support and donations we could bring in MANY more dogs from the USA, Mexico and even China. Please consider donating or helping us by supporting all our fundraising efforts.

Thank you so much to each and every one of our supporters, we truly could not continue saving dogs without you.

The entire BARCS team

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